80 Grit Matrix Sharpening Stone

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Product Description

The 80 grit diamond Matrix stone is made for extreme metal removal. It is such a coarse sharpening stone that we do NOT recommend that you develop a burr with this stone. You should either stop just short of a burr, or remove metal at a slightly lower angle with the 80 grit than what your primary bevel will be sharpened at to preserve the cutting edge.

Unlike the other Matrix stones, it is recommended that you use the 60 grit silicon carbide for resurfacing this 80 grit sharpening stone.

***Ideal for the modern “super steels”

***Works great for sharpening ceramic knives

* While we do all we can to reduce voids in the stone we cannot guarantee all stones will be free of them. These voids will not interrupt the sharpening performance.


  • Weight: 0.25 lb

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