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Product Description

Straight from consumer feedback, we have created a new sharpening platform for smaller blades that works on Apex and Professional models. This small knife sharpener platform allows more flexibility with smaller blades including knives with thumb studs to retain the precision sharpening you expect from our products. The small knife sharpener attachment measures 2 inches wide and 1/4 inch thick which will protect the main platform of the machine. It includes an adjustable miniature guide plate to accommodate small knives of varying widths. In our instructional videos, Ben mentions building a riser block and this Small Knife Attachment is an adjustable riser small block knife sharpener.

These small pocket knife sharpeners are ideal for blades 2 – 3 inches. Not for multitools.


  • Weight: 0.25 lb

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Posted by Douglas on December 1, 2018

Another great idea from Ben and Cody. I have Spydercos that I abuse daily at work so need sharpening weekly. The SKA lets me make them perfect in under a minute each. Nice work guys


Posted by Greg on May 4, 2016

Scientifically Proven to be not as good as the Edge Pro Professional for small blades… Using a fairly common blade, the smaller blade of a "Swiss Army – Camping Knife", here are measurements which show quite clearly that the "Small Blade Attachment" is not as good as the Edge Pro Professional for small blades! Using the Main Edge Pro Professional:- 1:- There is support under the whole of the Blade Face – ie 100% 2:- There is support from the Metal Blade Guide at 1.05" from the tip. That is 72% along the Blade. Using the "Small Blade" Attachment:- 1:- There is support under only 1.15" of the Blade Face. Only 79% as opposed to 100% for the main unit! 2:- Support from the Metal Blade Guide can only reach 0.85" along from the tip of the blade. That is 58% of the Blade Length – as opposed to the 72% of the main unit! This problem is caused by the Attachment’s "Sub Base" being only 1/4" thick. None of my Folding/Pocket Knives have handles thin enough to be accomodated on both sides without "fouling" with the Main Table. Only one of my Kitchen Knives has Handle sides thin enough to be accomodated. This cannot be that unusual among other peoples collections of "Small Knives"?? While I can understand that the thickness of the "Sub Base" is confined by the Screw which fixes it to the Main Table. This cannot be swapped easilly because it would require the whole machine to be dismantled. Equally you cannot put in a permanently longer screw, since this would reduce the Angles which could be sharpened! These facts mean that the Attachments "Sub Base" and "Blade Guide" need to project beyond the Leading Edge of the Main Unit – by at least 1/2" and probably not more than 3/4". The "Sub Base" already will extend a little beyond, however without extending that as well you will erode into the longevity of the Attachment. Given that the design of this Attachment is so very poor, I suggest that a corrrection needs to be made urgently and should be provided to existing owners free of charge… – – – – – I would also suggest that for credibility you do not censor reviews, otherwise you just become public liars with no honor whatever!!


Posted by Greg on April 22, 2016

Frankly – a poor design, which greatly limits its use. The design seems to have been for what I would call medium sized, rather than genuinely small blades. (and preferably without a handle?) I had hoped that this would be useful for a number of my Pen/pocket knives. I started with my Swiss Army – "Camping" model knife. It has two blades of 2.4" and 1.45" I am working with the Edge Pro Professional, I have no way of knowing if my comments below are valid for the Apex model. Starting with the 2.4" blade, it worked adequately, although the handle of the Swiss Army Knife made it a little fiddly and didn’t allow the base of the blade to be right up to the metal Blade Guide. Less stable in use than it ought to be. (Not even well designed for this size…) With the 1.45" (really small) blade, it was quite hopeless! the handle of the Swiss Army Knife clashed with the Main Base of the Edge Pro Professional below, making it quite impossible to get more than half of the Blade in contact with the Metal Blade Guide! Quite clearly a very unstable situation. I did not even try to sharpen it like this, instead I played around with the mounting of the Small Blade attachment, trying to find a better position which would allow the blade to be sharpened! The Main "Edge Pro Professional" is very flexible and I had previously found it possible to extend the normal range of the tool to allow a very wide Chinese Vegetable Slicer to "Fit". This I had done by reversing the Metal Blade Guide. This proved not possible with the Small Blade attachment. The Metal Blade Guide could not be persuaded to go beyond the end of the Main Table Below. A possible "Mod" would be to cut 1/2" off the Edge Pro Professional’s Main Table. That WOULD do the trick, however I’m sure you will understand, with the price of the Professional Model being so very VERY steep, I am not willing to do that. Another possible "Hack" would be to get one of those Chinese Manufactured Edge Pro Apex Copies, specially to modify to use with the Small Blade attachment. I’m confident that this could be made to work….. Untill then I will HAVE to continue sharpening that very small blade with the Main Table. This particular blade is ideal for whitling when out and about and gets a lot of use, because it is both safer and has more leverage than using a larger knife for that purpose. The Steel is not brilliant and this also increases the frequency of sharpening. Again, for safety I prefer it to be "Very" Sharp! Ben – do you really want to "force" me to buy one of those "Design Stealing" Chinese copies in order to be able to use this Attachment? I’m sure you don’t! So PLEASE look into this issue with Blades smaller than 2" and with prefectly normal handles, that may totally exclude the use of this (rather poorly designed) Attachment. Idealy the Metal Blade Guide needs to be able to extend beyond the Edge Pro Professional’s Main Table Below by as much as 1". That should allow for any size of knife handle. Furthermore the Plastic "Sub-Base" of the Attachment is wider than ideal for my small knives. Having said that, the user with decent tools could do that for themselves. I was intending to do that…


Posted by Rich B on November 4, 2015

The Small Knife Attachment allows for easy sharpening of smaller knives on my Apex sharpener. I’ve always had to use my Lansky to tune these small blades, now I can retire it. The SKA works well.


Posted by Randy on May 17, 2015

Picked mine up the other day at the shop and finally got a chance to use it. Great addition to my Edge Pro. Makes it pretty easy to sharpen smaller knives, especially the small traditional folders.


Posted by Moana on November 13, 2014

Perfect for all my pocket knives and smaller blades! Incredible! Thank you!


Posted by Max S on October 26, 2014

If you have a knife the size of say… 2.5 inches or less? This thing works wonders! I did my kershaw shuffle on this thing, and I did not have to the move the knife AT ALL, and got a near perfect edge. If you like small pocket knives like me it is a must have.