New Product! Magnet Accessory for Apex and Pro Models

Magnet Accessory


Actually you did!
For several years Apex users have been gluing or taping magnets underneath the blade table of their Apex. This modification helps stabilize the blade while you’re sharpening especially when you’re first learning how to use your Apex.

Customer's ModificationTesting and R&D
Through extensive testing we found that although most of the time the magnet is helpful, there are times the magnet can be counterproductive depending on the shape of the blade, and how each individual likes to work with the machine. Before we could get on board with this modification we wanted the user to quickly and easily be able to activate the magnet when they want it, and deactivate it when they don’t.

Activate and Deactivate the Magnet

A New Accessory is Born
The solution we came up with is very simple, a small rectangular piece that press fits underneath the blade table of your Apex with a magnet inside that slides up and down. When the magnet is in the “up” position, it’s directly under the blade table and will help you hold the knife steady. When it’s in the “down” position, the magnet is away from the table and you won’t be able to detect any magnetism. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to quickly turn the magnet off and on without having to permanently commit to the magnet, by gluing it in.

Magnet Accessory


How it works
The magnet is strong, but it is not quite strong enough to offer complete hands free sharpening. It is really intended to assist the hand that holds the knife, reduce hand fatigue, stabilize the blade, and be able to easily remove the knife from the table when you are ready to flip the knife over. When removing the knife from the table, rolling the blade forward is an easy way to break the knife away from the magnet, instead of just lifting directly up.

Animation of using the magnet

This addition is extremely helpful for people learning how to sharpen, or anyone who struggles holding the knife steady. The magnet will give you an overall better sharpening experience.

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