Apex Bench Mount

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Product Description

The Apex Bench Mount gives you the ability to mount your Apex knife sharpener to any working surface, and drastically increases the stability of the machine overall adding great value to your sharpening setup. This mounted knife sharpener is specifically designed for customers who want a more permanent mounting solution, or want to sharpen on their wood work bench. The Apex Bench Mount bench knife sharpener is easy to install, and can be used with most C-Clamps, screw clamps, or speed clamps. (clamp not included).


  • Weight: 0.31 lb

3 reviews


Posted by Whit “Gramps” Patrick on July 4, 2018

The bench mount is outstanding! I travel and sharpen blades in RVs, at food booths, quilt sops, homes, etc. to protect other people’s counters, tables, etc from scratching, I apply inexpensive stick-on anti-slip feet to the bottom of the clamp bar. I use a small piece of paint stick under their surface. Everything stays rock solid, and reduceces the likelihood of damaging your cusromer’s surfaces.


Posted by Elliott P. on May 10, 2018

Great product. Locks the Apex down like a vault alongside my shop sink. No wiggle, no wobble, no worries. Money well spent.


Posted by Dick Greenlaw on December 1, 2017

I first bought the Pro model and loved it so much I bought the apex for use at our fishing shack. On the stainless steel table it stuck OK but was never as steady as the pro. Until i fitted the new Bench Mount. Wow. Steady as a rock. I even now use it in the garage on a wood bench top and the suction caps are not needed. So simple yet effective.